Product Concept

We focus on the water that is used as the basis of skin care products.
We have established the world's leading system for obtaining water for cosmetics manufacture connected to the ocean depths. In addition, based on advanced, state-of-the-art technology, we are working to enhance the effectiveness of superior active ingredients such as the currently much discussed growth factor (EGF) and Fullerenes, as well as ingredients provided by a bountiful Nature. Our intention is to combine enhanced ingredient effectiveness with assured safety. We are working on developing products that are what consumers are looking for, nowadays, by applying our unique way of thinking about the results of our research.

Three Points


Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture, is the place where the first deep seawater intake project in Japan began.
Our manufacturing plant is located in Muroto Cape Town, Kochi Prefecture.
Deep seawater obtained from the depths off the coast of Muroto Cape (about 344 meters down) is supplied directly to the factory via a pipeline to a water intake terminal.
Cosmetic products using deep ocean water are currently being manufactured at some other plants. But very few factories in the world are able to have manufactu-ring systems in the correct environment for this purpose. Our site boasts the great advantages of safety, freshness, and economy.
Our cosmetic manufacturing system is intimately linked with the depths of our beautiful ocean.
We can become your OEM partner in the creation of your company's original cosmetics. We will then help develop and manufacture high value-added products using our beautiful deep seawater as an essential ingredient.

What is so special about deep seawater?

Deep ocean water comes from 200 meters or more below the surface, out of reach of sunlight, and it has the following excellent characteristics.

Stable low temperatures

Throughout the year, the water temperature in the vicinity of the intake port is about 9.5°C, and it reaches 11 to 12°C by the time it is pumped up.
It is maintained at a stable temperature considerably lower than that of the surface water on the coast off Muroto Cape, which ranges from 16 to 26°C during the year.

Eutrophication (the excessive richness of nutrients in a body of water, frequently due to runoff from the land, which causes a dense growth of plant life and the death of animal life from lack of oxygen)

This water is rich in inorganic nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and silicic acid that are necessary for plant growth.
It has 10 to 30 times as much of these ingredients as the surface water near the coast of the Cape.


It is clear, beautiful water that is not contaminated by land-water runoff containing E. coli or other frequently found bacteria. It has much fewer marine bacteria than does surface seawater. There is little opportunity for it to be exposed to contaminants like chemical substances from land surface water or the atmosphere.


Because this seawater has been maintained for a long period under a pressure of 30 atmospheres, its properties are quite stable.

Mineral characteristics

Seawater contains a good balance of essential trace elements and various minerals.
But nowadays, scientists are learning that deep seawater contains elements in their dissolved states in a special way that is peculiar to water from the deep ocean.




The skin is a complex cell assemblage.
The human body is made up of 60 trillion cells.
Every day, these cells repeat the cycle of life and death, creating new cells as they divide. Your skin is also made up of such cells.

Proteins are needed to produce cells

New cells are not created willy-nilly. Recent research has shown that certain proteins are essential for cells to be created and to multiply.

Growth Factors

The generic name for those proteins is "Growth Factors (or GFs)".
In the beginning of our lives, our bodies contain growth factors. But, as shown in the figure on the right, the levels decline after a peak at 18 to 25 years of age. Babies have lovely clear skin that grows and re-grows rapidly. However, as you become an adult, your skin’s re-growth slows sharply. At the same time, the skin and the body begin to age, and it is not possible to maintain the conditions of youth forever.



The Nobel Prize awarded to the latest material to emerge from nanotechnology.
Fullerenes are the latest type of material to result from applications of nanotechnology (super-microscopic technology) and they are attracting a lot of attention around the world. Fullerenes are an allotrope (a molecule composed only of one element). They are pure carbon, as are diamonds. Fullerene is the generic name for polyhedrons (beautiful structures similar to soccer balls) made with different numbers of carbon atoms, such as C60 and C70. Carbon is an element that is essential to the human body and almost all life on earth. Fullerenes were discovered in 1985, and this achievement was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1996.

Fullerenes absorbs active oxygen

They are referred to as “free radical sponges” because they absorb oxygen just like a sponge absorbs water. They are really good at absorbing and removing the “reactive oxygen (free radicals)” that cause deterioration of the skin. Their antioxidant effect is approximately 125 times that of Vitamin C, and their promotion of collagen generation is 800 times that of placenta.

The effect of Fullerenes on your skin

The following are scientifically proven effects: (1) Prevents aging (maintains the lengths of the telomeres, (2) Suppresses wrinkles, (3) Suppresses the production of melanin by the melanocytes and so as to lighten the skin (4) Suppresses the accumulation of fat cells, (5) Protects against UV, (6) Reduces the size of the skin’s pores.